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Research Expedition

Our intention is to promote open science on opportunistic vessels and to develop innovative and easy-to-reproduce protocols. 

In Mai 2021 we organized a scientific expedition called Glacialis.

Expedition Glacialis left the Azores in June 2021 for Greenland on board Atlas a 13m sailing boat.


During this 3 months expedition, we recorded every marine mammals, birds, fish, turtles and plastic we encountered. We collected Photo ID, drone images, eDNA, water, acoustic sample and zooplankton. More than 50 partners (scientific and sponsor) were involved in the expedition and 250 people participated to fund the project.

We were also followed by ten school classes.

This adventure, we hope, is the beginning of other surveys in the Arctic and worldwide. 

In a way to sustain our volunteer participation, Marine Observer Agency will contribute to the fees of the vessel rental, food and scientific materials. 

If you are interested by our data, or are someone willing to contribute to the project, please contact us.  


Some Videos from Expedition Glacialis

Carnet de bord #1 Preparation
Carnet de bord #2 Crossing
Carnet de bord #3 Greenland
En-tête 5
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