Expedition Glacialis in an innovative scientific expedition into the Arctic to monitor marine mammals in one of the earth’s last wilderness areas. 

Our goal is to create the first combined visual, thermal and acoustic catalogue of cetaceans while assessing climate change and anthropic impacts on the fragile Arctic ecosystems.

Our journey will start in Mai 2021

Whale connect

Raise awareness about these beautiful marine animals, through:

a movie

a webdoc

and education


Ocean Community Conservation

To research, preserve, and care for vulnerable marine environments and its species by providing communities with knowledge, training and tools for conservation, protection and economical growth towards a sustainable habitat and a strong community.

Ocean Globe Race 2023

Following Whitebread's footsteps, our team is about to travel around the world starting in September 2023.

The race will be vintage (no modern instruments and no GPS).

We will highlight our love of nature, our scientific knowledge and our social commitment in this exciting adventure.