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Visual & Acoustic Monitoring

Impact Assesment- Protocols Elaboration- Report

  • On Board, we are here to record visually and/or acoustically marine mammals, birds, sharks, fish & turtles.

  • We are professionaly trained to advise appropriate mitigation before, during and after industrial acoustic or invasive work that could potentially impact marine wildlife.

  • The data we collect are linked to JNNC requirements and specific reports are made on request.

V198 Megaptera Novaengliae-4471.jpg

Why choose us ✨?

  • As professional Marine Observers, we are all scientists with a Master's in Biology and/or more than 5 years of expertise with marine mammals.

  • We are used to providing impact assessment surveys, records, photography, collecting environmental samples, and mitigating any offshore work.

  • We also provide specialized reports after the survey included in our daily rate. 

  • Our strength is that we are used to and like very much to work together.

  • We have worked on several projects all around the world and speak several language.

  • We are flexible, open-minded, positive and use to working in the offshore industry so we know the last-minute urgency, weather issues, protocols adaptation, and deadline extension. 

  • We are passionate, dedicate and a part of the benefice of our pay will directly go to research instead of an agency. In this way, you also support scientific research and the most amazing animals living on earth. 

Our work expertise 

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