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Marine Mammal Observer 

Pam & Campaign officer

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Hi, I am Virginie

Detailed-oriented observer with more than 10 years of experience in Marine Biology.

Adept at monitoring plastics in the Mediterranean Sea. 

Possess verbal, written, and interpersonal communication skills. Ability to work in remote field locations and challenging weather condition.

Expert in recording sightings and data on standardized forms associated with daily sighting activities as well as self-audit data prior to submission.

Interested in any project related to the protection and conservation of marine mammals and their environments.

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Virginie Wyss

Biologist and Marine Mammal Observer

Project leader at @ExpeditionGlacialis





Prévost-Martin 21

CH – 1205 Genève


French, English and German

Entrepreneure salariée de neonomia

  • Abundance survey

  • Acoustics

  • Boat driving 

  • Creation and Improvement of Catalog

  • Focal Follow

  • Knowledge in Biopsies, Drone and photogrammettry

  • Necropsy & Parasitology

  • Photo ID using Darwin, ACDSee, Imatch, Ifluke and excel

  • Theodolite & land based survey

  • Whale watching impact Assessment

Marine Mammal Observer
  • Able to Operate and maintain field equipment including Garmin GPS, binoculars with reticules, range finder, theodolites and high-resolution digital camera with video capabilities.

  • Instrumental in detecting and localising protected species using acoustic material.

  • Ability to monitor a designated area for protected species, for up to 4 hours at a time and no more than 12 hours a day

  • Skilled in identifying many marine species due to the participation of several (22) long term Project around the world (Atlantic, Pacific Ocean as well as Mediterranean, Red Sea, Saint Laurent and Guinea Gulf).

Sensibilisation & Community work 
  • Exposition and event organisation

  • Sensibilisation about (micro)plastic and ocean with community and at school

  • Fundraising

  • Videos and Photography

  • Campaign Officer at WSO (current)


Marine Mammal Science

Data Collection


Necropsy and Parasitology

Animal Welfare

Marine Ecosystem

Team Leadership

Project Management

Communication Skills

CLIENTS and Collaborators
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Dec 2019 until now

Project leader at Expedition Glacialis  

Expedition Glacialis 

Organization, team building, fundraising, logistics, development of partnerships and scientific protocols to monitor whales and wildlife from the Açores to Greenland on board Atlas a 43feet sailing boat. We left Terceira in June 2021 and came back in September 2021.

Jun-Jul 2020

Passive acoustic operator  

Quiet-Oceans QO

Passive acoustic monitoring during regulated construction activities in Denmark (Windfarm Pilling).

Jan 2020

Campaign Officer 

World Sustainability Organization WSO

In charge of 22 online campaigns awareness related to endangered species and environment for Friend of the Sea and Friend of the Earth 

Oct 2019


EcotechSystems Srl

Monitored and recorded marine species behaviours during regulated construction activities in Albania. (Cable deployment)

Aug-Oct 2019

R&E Ocean Community Conservation

Working alongside operators to find better ways to perform responsible whale watching while protecting and sensitising the children about the ocean. Introduction to photogrammetry with drone, biopsy and acoustic and 15 days field work collecting data about the behavioural of humpback whales related to the the presence /absence of vessel.

  • Setting up of a theodolite Station in a challenging environment, trained one volunteer, creation of the theodolite protocol and daily reports.  

  • Assistance and recording/photography in more than 20 public interventions to raise awareness of the whale watching issue among tourists, community and schools.

Oct 2018- April 2019



Conducted water sample analysis in addition to raising awareness regarding sustainability in promoting circular economy and responsible behaviours. Collected a variety of samples, classifying individual data while extracting microplastics, weights and registration in databases.

  • Analyse more than 200 water samples from 6 partners to map global ocean and river pollution worldwide.




Monitored and recorded marine species behaviours during regulated construction activities. Identified marine mammals at a species-level, both at distances and by body parts; estimating distance, quantity, and behaviours of animals during observation activities. Maintained accurate, unbiased scientific data, and following required protocols. Prepared daily, final report, and assist on ongoing publications.

  • Utilized 86 days at sea in effectively monitoring and recording Marine Megafauna, collecting all acoustic data while successfully training additional MMO’s on the Catamaran Guyavoile.

  • Effectively monitored six campaigns within French Guyana, observing over 13 different marine mammal species including three turtle species and 30 seabird species.

Aug 2018-Oct 2018; February & September 2021

MMOin Cabo verde, Mayotte and Romania


Conducted Geoseismic survey to verify Guideline application on board PourquoiPas.  Recorded sightings, distance, and behaviour of marine species. Utilised optical equipment to assess distance, species, and behaviour of marine mammals. Followed and implemented all protocols as outlined in the Marine Mammal Monitoring Plan. Monitored and recorded environmental data.

  • Integrated the use of equipment in fulfilling mission requirements.

May -June 2017


Oceanus Association, Gibraltar to Athens

Survey of abundance and data collection of marine fauna from Gibraltar to Athens

  • Birds, turtles, marine mammals and plastics inventory

  • videos and navigation assistance

As well as 

Assistant, BRAHSS Project (impact of seismic survey on whale’s migration), Sunshine Coast, Australia

Assistant, Faxafloi Project (PhD project), Reykjavik , Iceland

Assistant, Sapphire Project (impact of whale watching on spinner dolphin), Hawaii

Assistant, South West Marine Project (population dynamics of bottlenose dolphin, swim tour and real time monitoring), Bunbury, Australia

Project Assistant, Cetaceosmadeira II Project, (parasitology, whale watching and necropsy), Madeira

Executive Assistant, Vétérinaires Sans Frontières Suisse (organisation and event management), Bern

Animal Welfare Internship, (application of guideline) FVO, Bern


Master's Degree

Master of Science, Biology, Emphasis in Eco-ethology and Parasitology

University of Neuchâtel, South Africa, Switzerland, South Africa


Project Management

MOOC California University



Bachelor's Degree

Bachelor of Science in Biology

University of Neuchâtel (Unine), Switzerland

If you are Looking for

Monitoring and Mitigation

Research & Analysis consultants

or have a project/ NGOs linked with Ocean Environment, Whales or Circular economy

Please don't hesitate to contact me