Specialised Marine Observers

Monitoring, research, mitigation, impact assessment, report. 

 We are several marine mammal /wildlife observers and researchers willing to map marine mammals around the world using open science data and new technology. 

We are working for industry, research and tailor-made services but our dream is to investigate the ocean and create a 3D catalogues (visual, acoustic and DNA) of the whales we encountered on our own boat.

Until then we will gladly collaborate with you to create meaningful work and raise awareness about climate change, ocean pollution and endangered species


Experienced MMO/PSO/PAM team 

used to work together.

Can monitor wildlife visually and acoustically for impact assessment, regulated construction activities and mitigation.

We are certified JNCC /BOEM and have BOSIET 


Create visual and acoustic catalogues of marine mammals on opportunistic platform and ideally remote area.

Photo-ID, Photogrammetry, Microplastic collection, passive acoustic monitoring, theodolite and raising awareness onboard are part of our services


Do you have a monitoring idea? A boat? Or would like to do participative science? Looking for a guide? Don't hesitate to contact me!